Awakening to Wholeness

Inside this clay jug there are canyons and pine mountains

and the maker of canyons and pine mountains.

All seven seas are inside

And hundreds of millions of stars.


We are not journeying into wholeness. We are awakening to the wholeness that we have always been. In the core of our being, underneath all the personality trappings, the physiological enhancements, and the mental abstractions of our illusory “self,” we are WHOLE, COMPLETE, PERFECT and joined to all others in an indelible, irrevocable, ineffable bond we call life.

The circle is the most important symbol of our wholeness, of the Self (with a capital S which differentiates it from one of its parts, the personality, ego, or self without the capital s.) It is also perfect symbol for God, the Creator, Divinity, the Holy of Holies, THAT WHICH IS everywhere equally present and timeless with no beginning and no end. Everything within the space delimited by the circle is SACRED. Therefore, it follows: the Self is both whole and sacred.

The circle is a container, a cauldron, a holder that encloses space and protects its contents from harm and negativity. Within that space sacred work occurs that is healing, transformative, alchemical. Because its nature is to hold, shield, purify and order whatever it contains, Marigold Methods uses the circle as its primary way of being in the world. We acknowledge the Mystery of our work and pledge that only That Which Is holy, sacred, benevolent, and true will emerge out of work done within our circles.

Members of our Marigold Community have individually and collectively reached a point in life where we know that none of us can travel any farther alone. We must join together in thought and outer work, while listening to guidance offered us from deep within. So, we come together intentionally committing to

• join each other in strength and wisdom

• be informed by the collective wisdom from the circle’s center

• consciously and courageously enter the circle and discover its transformational power in our lives and the lives of all human beings whom we serve.

When we sit in a circle—actually or metaphorically—with Light as its center, in an attitude of openness to possibilities, something is called forth within us by the circle. We may not yet fully understand what work we are to do, but the calling, the pull from the circle, to the Work is clear. We at Marigold Methods will wait and wait and wait, not knowing, until we can clearly see by the light of our “hundreds of millions of stars.”

Nancy V. Gedney, Ph.D.