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“In human beings it is not the center of the body, nor is it the center as opposed to the outside. It has no location, no fixed position. Look for it and you cannot see it, listen for it and you cannot hear it, try to grasp it and you cannot find it.”  I-Ching Mandalas’ Translated by Thomas Cleary

There are many names given to the Center most of them expressing a sense of balance and potential: the crossroads, the main square, intersection, the gate of the celestial, the mysterious feminine, the opening, the house of life, the pass of death, the essence, the cosmic womb, the cauldron of being, the furnace of creation, the gate of all wonders ~ The Great Imagination.

What does it mean to “step into the Center” – to engage the center – to be centered? Asking the question and then allowing for the spaciousness of not knowing ~ the sublime Silence of no questions and no answers ~ one enters the space outside of time and space. In Taoism this is known as the Way, The Frameless Door, The Gateless Gate, the stillness that flows.

In the hustle and bustle of doing, of work and worry, the in-tentional seeking of Silence provides access to the center. Here we embrace and are embraced by the Divine, by the Self ~ the Source from which we originated and to which we return with every turning of the Great Round of being and becoming the eternity of that which IS.

In Silence ~

Karla –