The Enso Experience


Learn how to incorporate the sublime Enso Experience into your personal life and healing arts practice.

The Enso Experience is a simple, profound, and compelling process for activating theta states of consciousness and communing with the ‘deep mind’ also known as the unconscious and supra-consciousness levels of awareness.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • How and why the Enso Experience was developed.
  • The circle as a container of consciousness and portal for entering non-ordinary states of awareness.
  • The Enso process for grievers.
  • Connecting with color and how to amplify the meaning of color.
  • The process for creating an Enso Circle, materials and method.
  • How to use the Enso Experience as a personal practice and/or with clients.
  • How the Enso can be incorporated in the MARI (Mandala Assessment and Research Instrument) process.

When you order this prerecorded webinar you will be emailed a recording link and downloadable resources.

*No prior experience or expertise is necessary.