The Secret of the Golden Flower

Recording of Live Webinar from August 21st 2019

An exploration of the ancient esoteric teachings that inspired Jung’s theories of synchronicity, the alchemical process of individuation, archetypes, holding the tension of the opposites and the sacred marriage of polarities. In addition to this, students will be introduced to the symbolic meaning of flowers and how flowers can be enlisted therapeutically for tending to the soul. Students will learn how to use the flower as a portal for traveling imaginally and receiving messages of guidance, illumination, and in-couragement from the deep mind.
We will also explore the metaphor of the heliotrope and the ancient teachings of the Golden Flower as interpreted and illuminated by C. G. Jung, Richard Wilhelm, and the teachings of Osho.

When you order the recording of this webinar you will also be sent downloadable resources including: The Ineffable Words of the Mother, Core Color Messages Guide, 27 Breaths, Bee Seeing Guided Visualization, and a template of the Flower of Life.