Grounded in Wholeness

The MARI®  is and elegant and comprehensive system for immediately accessing and activating deeper levels of awareness. It involves all four functions of consciousness; thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuition, and by so doing activates the transcendent or transformative function. Clients are able to see the contents of their psyche, areas of tension and attention, areas of challenge as well as inner resources including spiritual strengths.

The MARI process is inviting, spontaneous and fun!  Clients intuitively choose symbols and colors that are then arranged on The Great Round according to archetypal stages of development. The instrument reveals therapeutic issues, challenges and resilience, and informs the direction of therapeutic interventions while simultaneously activating intrapsychic and energetic movement and integration.

Utilizing the non-verbal symbols, colors, and the individual’s intuitive responses to them, MARI passes beneath the critiquing filter of the ego and illuminates a direct pathway to the psyche.  Since the psyche cannot tolerate self-deception, the process allows access and expression of deeper consciousness or other-than-conscious knowing/wisdom. Propelled by the innate urge toward wholeness, the MARI process inspires insights that can guide the individual to their own intuitive solutions, discovery of essential answers, renewed clarity, and sense of purpose.


Why it works: 

  • Grounded in wholeness, the MARI process activates the individuals innate urge toward individuation.
  • Involves all four functions of consciousness and activates the transcendent or transformative function.
  • Guided by the client’s in-tuition and deep mind that is beyond the limitations of words.
  • Passes beneath the radar of the ego, accessing deeper or higher knowing of the Self.
  • Provides a safe and protected container for re-storing and re-storying of dis-integrating experiences.
  • Reveals the client’s resilience, inner resources, and spiritual strengths.

Used by art therapists, grief counselors, trauma specialists, cognitive behavioral therapists, spiritual counselors, life coaches and other healing arts practitioners, the MARI is currently practiced in numerous countries including:

South Africa, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Korea, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, and the United States.


Mari Practitioner Training


Online training begins with a personal MARI session where the student experiences the MARI process as a client. This is followed by six two-hour face-to-face classes with additional self-paced work between meetings.  Trainings are usually one-on-one and we strive to accommodate your schedule by offering evening and weekend times.

We use the GoToMeeting platform for training. It is very user friendly and you are able to join live by clicking on a link that is provided prior to each session. Upon completion of the training students receive a certificate of completion and 21 continuing education units (CEU’s) approved by NBCC.

Cost of online training:  $799

Online training can only be ordered through MARI Creative Resources. 

Please click this link to be taken to the REGISTRATION page and select Karla Hankes. 

Certification Requirements:

To attain full certification and be listed as a registered practitioner on the MARI Creative Resources website, students must complete 8 MARI practice sessions and meet with their instructor online to review three of these sessions.  This is included in the cost of online training.

About the Instructor: Karla Hankes completed her doctorate degree in Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies where her research focused on synchronicity and the alchemical process of grief in Jungian Sandplay Therapy. She is a certified thanatologist with the Association for Death Education and Counseling, a certified Jungian Sandplay Practitioner and Grief Specialist. For her master’s thesis in clinical counseling, she proposed the use of circular sand trays using rational from Jung’s work with mandalas, and has been working mandalas therapeutically since 1991. She earned an advanced diploma in Trauma, Abuse and Deprivation and as a clinician she has incorporated expressive therapies, mandala and MARI work with numerous populations including severely mentally ill adults, juvenile offenders, and grieving children, teens, and adults. 

Dr. Hankes has been facilitating MARI® since 2012 and became a MARI instructor in 2015. She has received advanced training from Michele Takei, Phd, owner of the MARI copyright. Dr. Hankes specializes in helping healing arts practitioners incorporate MARI into their unique practices and as an ongoing process with clients.

The MARI Instrument

The MARI®  kit includes: Manual, Great Round fold-out board, 39 symbol and 45 color cards, pastels, felt, and carrying case. The cost of the kit is $325 and is provided by MARI Creative Resources based in Raleigh, NC. 

Kits are required and must be purchased 2 weeks prior to training through

For more information about training and registration, please CONTACT us.

For more information about the Mandala Assessment and Research Instrument (MARI) please visit the MARI international site: MARI Creative Resources: 

  • Online training and ordering the kit must be done through the MARI Creative Resources website.

For more information about MARI organizations around the globe, please visit:
https://marimandalasbrasil.wordpress , ,

Mandalas ~ Containers of Consciousness

Archetypal symbols and colors provide language for accessing the deep mind or what C. G. Jung called the unconscious.The transcendent language of symbols and colors allows the participant to communicate on an other than conscious level, including access to pre-verbal, non-verbal, and collective intrapsychic content which is then communicated, witnessed, re-stored and re-storied via the transcendent or transformative function. The template of The Great Round, developed by pioneering researcher and art therapist, Joan Kellogg, informs our interpretation of the mandala as well as other projective artwork.  The MARI®  Card Test is typically administered in conjunction with the ‘Drawn Mandala’.


Incorporating MARI® Into Your Healing Arts Practice

Dr. Hankes specializes in helping healing arts practitioners of various orientations to incorporate the MARI®  as both an assessment tool and as an ongoing process of engaging with wholeness in numerous innovative and dynamic ways. Some examples of this include the Zen Enso Exercise® , Mosaic Re-Membering® , MARI Meta-Guidance, The Portal Process® and The Wheel of Wholeness®.

As a certified thanatologist through the Association for Death Education and Counseling, Dr. Hankes promotes the use of the ‘drawn mandala’ and MARI®  for grievers as well as those who are actively dying, as a way to finish what Elisabeth Kubler-Ross referred to as unfinished business . She is also a certified Jungian Sandplay therapist and bridges the worlds of MARI®  and Sandplay therapy with the Basin Way Sandplay Process®. She offers online training for this unique technique. To learn more about this 6 week training please see the Sand Basin Training page.

Whether you’re a MARI practitioner who would like to receive supervision, review, and/or guidance with expanding your practice or interpreting mandalas, or an Art, Sandplay/Tray or other Expressive Therapies practitioner who would like to  receive consultation and interpretations of sand trays or artwork, Dr. Hankes offers individual and group online consultation. She is available on weekends and evenings and will work flexibly with your schedule.

Please visit the Consultation page for more information.

Path of Wholeness, Celtic Runes, SHero's Journey, Karla Hankes, 1996.

The mandala is an archetypal image whose occurence is attested throughout the ages. it signifies the wholeness of the self. This circular image represemts the wholeness of the psychic ground or, to out it in mythic terms, the divinity incarnate in man.

C.G. Jung : Memories, Dreams, Reflections


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