Remotely Channeled Sand Trays, Trans~lations & Transition Pieces

The portal of the sand tray and the non-verbal language of the sand and symbols transcend the confines of time and space and the limitations of linearity and left-brain function. The tools of this quantum communion provide a means of intentionally bridging spirit and matter and activating the experience of synchronicity. Synchronicity is a term coined by Carl Jung in collaboration with physicist Wolfgang Pauli, to describe Acausal Meaningful Coincidences. The synchronic experience is that of inner and outer coming together ~ an intersection of spirit and matter that speaks to the soul in countless ways including: providing comfort, guidance, illumination, in-couragement, in-spiration, & deLIGHT! Dr. Hankes offers a fascinating way of engaging with soul on a quantum level by creating Spirit-Trays for clients. Much like a channeled psychic reading, Spirit Trays offer a bridge for Spirit to speak outside of the confines of time an space. Spirit Trays express the deep mind, sub or unconscious content, the collective consciousness and the transcendent or supra conscious awareness that emerges in the portal of the tray and with the aid of numinious sand and symbols. Clients have expressed profound connection to the content of their trays ranging from astonishment to epiphany. Please read more below about this process and client’s responses to Spirit Trays.


Becoming a Hollow Bone

Dr. Hankes has worked with shamans, medicine men and women, and healers from North, South, and Central America. A Peruvian shaman from Iquitos told told her that the sand tray experience was “like an ayahuasca ceremony without the medicine.” She has also received training in Mediumship through Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY, and mentored for three years with a spiritual teacher named Odra who taught her how to “journey” and channel healing symbols. In her dissertation titled, “Transitions and Transformation: An Interpretive Analysis of the Phenomenon of Bereavement and Non-Bereavement Related Grief in Sandplay Therapy’, she included the heuristic process of engaging with her research data via the non-verbal language of the sand and symbols. This fascinating process led her to an understanding of trance or theta states which allow one to access deeper and higher states of consciousness outside of time and space and the limits of the linear left-brain. Dr. Hankes combines elements of the aforementioned in conjunction with accessing Akashic Records in order to channel messages from Spirit in the creation of Spirit Trays.

Messages from Spirit

Clients have reported that the images and interpretations they have received have been: “uncanny”, “otherworldly”, “comforting”, “inspiring”, “moving”, “transformational”, “sublime”, “scary”, “surprising” and “surreal”.