Integral Sandplay Live Session in Westfield, NY




“The sand in our trays is timeless. To enter the sand in the ritual of sandplay is to engage in timelessness. To engage in the sand in a free and protected space is to exit ordinary time and space and to enter sacred time.” – Barbara Turner, ‘Handbook of Sandplay’

Sandplay/Sand Tray Synchronic Process:

Within the sand tray one is able to dream while awake, accessing multiple levels of consciousness in order to bridge, integrate and transform conflicting or undeveloped psychic content. Sandplay is a transformative approach which involves the Whole Self, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. It is a non-verbal, symbolic process which allows the participant to access and heal past trauma or deprivation, tend to unresolved and unexpressed grief, and restore aspects of the psyche in which development has been arrested as the result of numerous infractions such as abuse, neglect, trauma and loss. Sandplay supports the process of individuation or restoration of the Self. It is a powerful process of Self-excavation and creative self inquiry which can lead to profound transformation.

“Carl Jung observed that the psyche has a natural tendency to heal itself, given the proper conditions. Similar to how our physical wounds heal under certain conditions, the psyche also has an instinctual wisdom if left to operate naturally in a safe and protected environment.” – Lauren Cunningham, ‘Supervision of Sandplay’


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