MARI Session with Karla




MARI & Sand Basin Session

  • Explore your inner strengths and resources as well as developmental issues and challenges.
  • Connect with intuitive guidance from the well of your own other-than-conscious knowing.
  • Experience the synchrony of spirit and matter alignment and transcendent integration.
  • Receive in-sight, in-couragement, and in-spiration.

A MARI session: Begins with creating a spontaneous free-form within a circular template. No artistic experience is required. You will then be directed to intuitively choose from symbols that have been printed on clear plastic and pair these symbol choices with colors. The symbol and color pairs are placed onto the MARI board known as The Great Round, revealing a snapshot of the psyche. The facilitator will discuss the meaning and assist you in bridging conscious awareness as well as integrating the symbolic communication from deeper levels of consciousness.

The process is spontaneous, intuitive, creative, dynamic, fascinating and fun!  Clients typically experience affirmation of strengths and guidance in areas where they may feel vulnerable or challenged in some way. Stepping back to look at the big picture when we are stuck or feeling overwhelmed by life can be a powerful experience. Having the opportunity to re-frame, re-store and re-story within this safe and potent process is often life changing.

Located in the Village of Westfield, NY.

If you are located in another state or country, I’m happy to help put you in touch with a practitioner in your area.

Full sessions are typically an hour and a half to two hours in length. The fee remains the same regardless of time spent.


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