MARI-GOLD Advanced MARI Practitioner Training

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MARI Review & Enrichment

90-minute group meeting followed by Q & A

Meets once a month on Saturday at 3:00 PM Eastern.

Each meeting focuses on a compelling topic related to the MARI instrument and process.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Research and current developments with the instrument and within the MARI community.
  • Adapting MARI to our unique healing arts practice.
  • MARI as an Ongoing Transformative Process.
  • Case Studies
  • MARI for Grievers
  • Neuroanatomical Aspects of MARI
  • MARI Her/story
  • Jungian Theory & MARI
  • MARI & Synchronicity
  • Color Psychology
  • Stage Zero Complexity & Creativity
  • Deepening with Archetypal Stages by Month
  • Intuition
  • Deepening with Archetypal Stages of The Great Round . . . And more!

Presenters will share case studies during each meeting and participants are also encouraged to submit cases for which they would like to receive additional insight. Please contact Karla for more information ( Photos of case studies must be submitted two weeks prior to the scheduled monthly meeting.

Registrations are processed manually and participants are emailed a meeting link.

Please register a minimum of one day prior to the live monthly meeting. Registrations received after this time will be sent a link for the next monthly meeting.

Please note that the meeting time has changed to 3 PM (EASTERN)




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