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Our very first Marigold Methods Webinar is now available to be downloaded and viewed at your leisure. Thank you for your patience with the technical glitches with this first webinar. šŸ™‚

When you purchase this recording you will be emailed a link for viewing and will also be sent the corresponding downloadable resources.

Please feel free to reach out with questions after watching The Enso Experience.

Go forth and Enso! ~

Karla –


Learn how to incorporate the sublime Enso Experience into your life and healing arts practice.

The Enso Experience is a simple, profound, and compelling process for activating theta states of consciousness and communing with the ‘deep mind’ also known as the unconscious and supra-consciousness levels of awareness.

In this webinar you will learn about:

How and why the Enso Experience was developed.
The circle as a container of consciousness and portal for entering non-ordinary states of awareness.
Using the Enso Process with grievers.
Connecting with color and how to amplify the meaning of color.
The process for creating an Enso Circle, materials and method.
How to use the Enso Experience as a personal practice and/or with clients.
How the Enso can be incorporated in the MARI (Mandala Assessment and Research Instrument) process.

This two hour online course will be facilitated by Dr. Hankes and Dr. Gedney. (1.5 hrs of instruction and half an hour of Q & A.)

*No prior experience or expertise is necessary.

MARI practitioners and teachers will find this webinar to be a very valuable addition to their practice and instruction of Stage 0.


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