Remote Spirit Tray (Photographs only)





Remote Channeled Sand Tray

You will received 8 – 12 photographs including but not limited to: sand forms prior to adding symbols, overview of completed tray with symbols, main areas of attention and photos of individual symbols.

If you would like to receive a live and/or written translation, please register for each or these separately by clicking on the ‘Review of Remote Tray’ and ‘Written Translation’ product links.


Live Review of Remote Tray: Discuss and receive a translation of your tray online or by phone.

Written Translation: Written translations of remote trays are generally 3 to 6 pages in length and may include poetry depending on the availability of the Muse.

Upon ordering you will receive an email message of introduction which includes a permission agreement and a few brief questions for you to answer prior to my entering the portal on your behalf.


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