Secret of the Golden Flower (Webinar Recording)




Recording of Live Webinar (August 2019)

Join Marigold Methods instructors Dr. Nancy Gedney and Dr. Karla Hankes for an immersion into the mystery, history, and in-spiration of the ancient esoteric teachings of The Secret of the Golden Flower manuscript. This pre-recorded webinar covers the origin and controversies as well as various aspects of the practice of the “Golden Middle Path” and the integral practice of “holding the tension of the opposites.”

Viewers will learn how to use the flower as a portal for traveling imaginally and receiving messages of guidance, illumination, and in-couragement from the deep mind.
The metaphor of the heliotrope and the ancient teachings of the Golden Flower as interpreted and illuminated by C. G. Jung, Richard Wilhelm, and the teachings of Osho is also explored.

Includes a downloadable copy of: The Ineffable Words of Mother Prajnaparamita, transcripts of the 27 Breaths, and Bee Seeing guided visualization, and a Core Color Guide.

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