The Liminal Language of Color

The Colors live between black and white

in a land that we know best by sight.

But knowing best isn’t everything,

for colors dance and colors sing,

and colors laugh and colors cry — — —

Turn off the light and colors {sigh},

and they make you feel every feeling there is

from the grumpiest grump to the fizziest fizz.

And you and you and I know well

each has a taste and each has a smell

and each has a wonderful story to tell…

– Mary O’Neil (1961)

My favorite book as a child and still on the top of my list of in-spirational sources. I always read sections of Hail Stones and Halibut Bones when introducing my MARI students to the archetypal meanings of colors.

A treasure box of poetry and images and a charming resource for those interested in deepening their understanding of the language of color or color psychology. Highly recommended for Art Therapists, Sandplay and Sand Tray Therapists, Grief Counselors, MARI Practitioners and other Expressive Therapy Counselors, Coaches, and Healing Arts Practitioners.

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In-joy! ~

Karla –


An exploration in imaginative, evocative verses of the world of color and its relationship to the other senses.”—The New York Times Book Review