There’s No Place Like OM

The Secret of the Golden Flower is . . .
That you are hOMe.

When Dorothy set off on the yellow brick road to face her fears and find her courage and her brains and her heart, what she didn’t realize was that the power to return home was always just three heal clicks away.

Heal . . . Heal . . . Heal

The secret of the golden flower is the Squaring of the Circle, the merging of spirit and matter and tethering and awakening from duality to the Light of the Eternal Way and the Essential Self ~ the King & Queendom of Heaven within. The Secret of the Golden Flower manuscript is what guided Carl Jung’s work of re-turning the soul to psychotherapy and to his final personal attainment of luminous harmony.

On the liminal bridge between spirit and matter, Soul knows before, beyond, beneath, above, within and outside of mind. Soul speaks to us through synchronicities, synchronizing spirit and matter, and through in-tuition – intuition that is beyond pattern recognition; through exquisitely irrational knowing that transcends probabilities – the unquantifiable, numinous, ephemeral, ineffable-knowing beyond what is known. Here one stands on the bridge, within the Gap – between time and the eternity of no time and all oneness (aloneness) – the Zero Point of Light – the Source, the Force, that from which we come and to which we re-turn with every breath and every birth and death and everything in-between the seen and unseen – known and unknowable. And each time we awaken on the soul’s bridge of the Zero Point of Spirit and Matter, our eyes and our hearts open a little wider and we are able to bridge and bring the light of Spirit . . . of our true hOMe to the temporal world, lightening and enlightening and enlivening the base matter within the alembic of Being – – the cooking, heat and pressure, water and fire and holding the tension of the opposites with the elixir of Love from which the wholly and holy realized Self emerges . . .

The Opus of Creation

of union with the Divine

which IS

the golden balm of healing for all manner of suffering, of imbalance and division and dis-ease. And the golden balm of Self realization, of awakening to the inner Light and sharing the anointing is the Golden Goal of each soul, knowing there is only One Soul, and that as we

Heal . . . Heal . . . Heal . . .

All Beings re-turn


merging heaven and earth, integrating, creating and recreating with the One Verse, the Source, the Force . . . that from which we come and to which we re-turn . . . turning, turning, turning as The Great Spiral – the Fingerprint of God extends

beyond the beyond

with the joyful celebration of the Great Imagination unfolding and enfolding simultaneously.

Sweet, sacred simultaneity


The secret of the golden flower.